BLIK vouchers

A BLIK voucher (made up of 9 digits) allows - like the BLIK code - to make a payment for purchases in stores and online and withdrawal from ATMs up to the pre-defined amount. It can be used by yourself or given to another person together with the password for codes.

  • Before generating the first BLIK voucher you have to set as password for vouchers in iPKO/Inteligo Internet service.
  • Each BLIK voucher operation must be confirmed with the password for vouchers. If the voucher is used by another person, give them their password to vouchers too. The password must be submitted separately.
  • From September 29, 2021, you can have a maximum of 2 active BLIKs at the same time.
  • The creation of the BLIK voucher in IKO results in funds being locked on your account until the BLIK voucher is used or expires (the expiry date is set by the user). If the BLIK voucher has not been used or expires, the funds will be available again in the account.
  • One BLIK voucher can be used once.
  • BLIK voucher operations are carried out for an amount equal to or less than the amount for which it was issued. The amount of the unused BLIK voucher returns to the account of the person who generated the BLIK voucher.
  • If there is a suspicion that the number of the voucher and/or the password to vouchers may be used by unauthorized persons, cancel the BLIK voucher in IKO or change the password to vouchers.
  • Operations made using BLIK vouchers are subject to transaction limits.