Technical requirements

Technical conditions required to use the mobile channel

1. In the case of mobile phones with the following operating systems it is possible to download the IKO mobile app in version 3.0 or higher:

  • iOS (version 10.x and higher),
  • Android (version 6.0 and higher), some functions such as: currency exchange, PKO Dom insurance, funds, brokerage house services or instruction are available from Android 7.0

2. In mobile app stores, a description of the new version of the IKO mobile app is available, but customers without an installed IKO mobile app and having operating systems older than those listed in point 1 will be able to download the version of the IKO mobile app dedicated for their OS version.

3. If you have the mobile IKO app installed and operating system older than listed in point 1, then no information will be displayed about the possibility to upgrade the app to a new version.

4. The IKO mobile app does not work on phones with black and white display and those which do not have the possibility to install external applications.

5. The IKO mobile app requires an Internet connection - the app does not work on phones without Internet connection.

6. It is possible to have up to 3 active applications on 3 different phones with different SIM cards at the same time.

Technical conditions - effective from 12.12.2021    


Access to necessary data

The IKO mobile app is actively using the capacities of modern mobile devices. To ensure the correct operation of the IKO app, when installing IKO or during the first use of the application feature that uses a given module on your phone, you will be prompted to agree to:

  • using the camera,
  • using the voice calls feature,
  • using the possibility of finding the account on your device and preventing the device to switch in sleep mode- for the needs of notifications about incoming transactions,
  • reading status and phone information- for generating unique app identifiers used for data encryption and communicating with the server,
  • receiving data from the Internet and full network access- for the proper performance of the transaction mobile,
  • displaying network connections- for the purposes of checking access to the Internet by the application,
  • using the information on the Wi-Fi connection- for generating unique app identifiers used for data encryption and communicating with the server,
  • modifying the system settings- for data encryption purposes,
  • sending text messages- for the purpose of sending messages in the registration process,
  • using the contact list- for the purpose of sending transfers to a phone number,
  • reading the location and configuration of Google services- for correct operation of the geolocation feature,
  • using multimedia- for the purposes of correct operation of the map.

Access to necessary data - effective from 17.01.2018.