Mobile authentication

  • You approve all the operations in your mobile IKO app (e.g. a transfer, submission of an application or a change in settings) - you do not have to re-enter the code from the SMS or from the code sheet.
  • If biometric functions are turned on in your telephone, you can confirm some operations with biometrics, e.g. your fingerprint.

Is your mobile authentication blocked? Check what to do:

  1. Call our hotline: 800 302 302  and log in to the telephone service (if you do not remember the password to the telephone service, you can set it up in iPKO or ask the assistant for help)
  2. Choose “0” to be put through to an assistant. Our assistant will activate your SMS codes* and thanks to them, you will get the option of confirming operations.
  3. Turn on mobile authentication via the iPKO website or directly in the IKO app.

*If you used the mobile authentication for a two-level logging in to the iPKO website, after the SMS codes have been turned on, this option will cease to be active.