Friendly log-in to the Bank’s website

  • You do not have to remember your client number to log in to the iPKO website: you can change it for a friendly log-in.
  • Do you already have a friendly log-in and do you want to change it? Do it in the IKO app.
  • Your friendly log-in should have from 8 to 50 characters, at least one letter (size does not matter). You can use special characters, but do not use any Polish letters.
  • Remember that the friendly log-in cannot be the same as the password.


How to set or change the friendly log-in in IKO?

  1. In IKO, go to More → Settings → Security and Access.
  2. Choose Friendly Log-in and use the option for setting or changing your log-in.
  3. If you want to remove your log-in, do it via the iPKO website.