Voice Assistant in IKO

Do you have any simple financial issues to take care of? Manage IKO with your voice. Our Voice Assistant understands what you say or write. Check it out on the following examples:

  • Make a transfer - you can say, for example: “Transfer PLN 100 to Janek.”
  • Search for a transaction in your history, filtering them according to the amount, date and type, e.g. “Show me transfers from the last month.”
  • Use a BLIK code - for example “Give me a BLIK code.”
  • Top-up your pre-paid telephone: for example “Top-up Szymon’s telephone for PLN 50.00.”
  • Check the balance of your account, for example: “How much money do I have in my account?”
  • Change card limit - e.g. “Change card limit
  • Repay credit card - e.g. “Repay card

Do you use IKO on iOS? You can add short-cuts for Siri in the Voice Assistant and give your instructions even faster.   Decide if you want to set your own instructions to activate the Voice Assistant or accept the ones proposed as default, such as:

  • Hey Siri, Talk to IKO” – to activate Voice Assistant
  • Hey Siri, Talk to IKO  – transfer” - to process a transfer
  • Hey Siri, Talk to IKO – Blik” – to receive a BLIK code
  • Hey Siri, Talk to IKO – history” – to check the account history