Foreign transfer

A foreign transfer in IKO mobile app consists in transfer of funds from an account held in PKO Bank Polski to a foreign recipient account in transfer of funds in foreign currency to another bank in Poland.

  • The transfer could be ordered from an account in PKO Bank Polski regardless of the currency in which it is held. There is no need to have an account in the currency in which the transfer is to be made - the funds will be converted accordingly.
  • The Customer determines the value date for the recipient bank - i.e. the date on which the recipient bank receives the amount of transfer (available options include standard-SPOT, Urgent-TOMNEXT and Express-OVERNIGHT).
  • The costs of transfer may be incurred by the originator (OUR), the recipient (BEN) or jointly (SHA), and then the originator covers the costs of the originator's bank and the recipient covers the costs of intermediary banks.