Standing orders

Standing orders make it possible to set payments of fixed value e.g. for electricity, gas, telephone or Internet bills. Standing orders are executed at regular intervals by a specific date or until they are cancelled. In IKO you can:

  • add new standing orders: just enter IKO and go to section Payments > Standing orders and press the icon with the + symbol to determine a new order.
  • Make additional payments to a fixed standing order, if you have an unplanned, one-time increase of the bills. Just enter the details of the standing order and select from the context menu the Additional payment option and indicate the amount of additional payment to the next standing order. When this comes helpful? E.g. when you pay for cable TV PLN 50, but this month you watched a VOD movie and you have to pay an additional PLN 20. You don’t have to change your standing order, but make a one-time additional payment without having to fill in the recipient’s details.
  • View details of standing orders
  • Delete standing order
  • You can delete or change your standing order at any time